About us

About us
Nibal-shop is a Europe-based compound perfume website.
Our customers are the people who are more interested in the quality of the product and not in the brand name.

Our values are: Virtue, honesty, responsibility to society and the environment, partners who demonstrate integrity in quality to the outside world, care and development, fairness and trust towards employees, consumer oriented and oriented towards continuous improvement.

Our vision is to provide high quality products in the best conditions and contribute to the happiness of people.

Our mission is to promote competition and offer our customers competitive prices of the highest possible quality.
  • All Natural
    Natural perfumes are among the best types of perfumes, as they are characterized by a strong and long-lasting scent, and they also help to improve the mood
  • TOP Quality
    We achieve your dream of owning international perfumes through scents that we imitate with high quality and competitive prices. It is distinguished by the unique aroma of natural oud oils and incense
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